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Well, it’s been over a half a century, but Zodiac is back. That’s right—long before Connery donned a dive watch in 1964’s “Goldfinger,” launching purpose-built models into the pantheon of topside style, Zodiac was a smaller brand turning out well-made, albeit quirky divers in Le Locle, Switzerland for around a decade. Flash forward another 50 years, where Zodiac’s headquarters are now 30 miles away in Bienne, and the spirit of those original watches is alive and well in every new model. While we’re now in the Daniel Craig era of Bonds, Zodiac has kept their timepieces in limited quantity to ensure that quality remains consistent no matter the decade. The lasting power of their watches is strengthened by the timeless design that properly balances unique style with understated simplicity. A winning balance that makes any wrist well-equipped for an average day or a black tie event—we like to say only a Zodiac can dress just as well with a sweatband as it can cufflinks.

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