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Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton

If you're on a critical mission to uncover the toughest luggage on the planet, all roads will lead you to Zero Halliburton. It's what NASA used when they needed to transport rock samples back to earth from Apollo 11's moon landing. It's what secret agents, heroes, and villains have carried across the silver screen in everything from Mission: Impossible to the Bond films to Ocean's Eleven. But its undeniably badass looks are only the smallest part of the equation. The best explanation for Zero Halliburton's legendary status is their seemingly limitless durability. Since the 1930s, the most discerning travelers have trusted this luggage for its unmatched ability to stand up to abuse. Dust, dirt, downpours, disgruntled baggage handlers—there's nothing these cases can't shrug off. It’s no surprise considering each bag’s high-performance materials and impact-resistant architecture. So, how does this all relate to you, someone who isn't transporting a million in unmarked bills to a warehouse in parts unknown? Simply put, there's no safer way to carry what's important to you. Whether it's your heavily-stamped passport, a souvenir for your significant other, or all the hard work you've logged for a big presentation, with Zero Halliburton you can endure even the most turbulent journey with your peace of mind intact.

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