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Yellowood Design

This country’s roots stem from strong backs, able hands, and the sharp edge of an axe. Yellowood Design Studio celebrates the mystique of classic American goods by providing the best in new and restored wood wielding axes and leather goods. Based in Ohio, Yellowood Design Studio is the brainchild of Cori and Ben Rowley, who grew up cherishing the heritage of handmade goods. Each of their axes — which range in vintage (new or restored), size (36”, 24”, 14”) and custom painted handle — are unique, usable, and marked with character. And for the softer, more luxurious goods, their premium leather cardholders are hand stitched, lined with a vintage leisure blanket, and given a healthy coat of carnauba wax for a tight seal. With the nuances of classic American craftsmanship, Yellowood puts the emphasis on our roots, and the great goods that got us here.

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