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Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf hammocks elevate the art of relaxation to a science by taking a classic rope hammock and turning it into a “cocoon of comfort.” Let us explain — the soft, performance fibers here are a lot smaller and stronger than on a regular hammock — and there are way more of them. In fact each hammock takes a full week to weave and consists of over 3 ½ miles (!) of fiber. This dense weave is particularly strong, holding up to two people and a total of 400 lbs, and makes for a super-soft hammock that won’t leave any criss-cross rope imprints on your skin. Plus, it packs down easy into a duffel bag the size of a pineapple, so carrying it with you ain’t no thang. And neither is deploying it in a pinch when you’re feeling like it’s time for a midday nap. Here’s to the science of kickin’ back and chillin’.

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