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Wooden Ladder Toss


Color: Wood



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Gather the friends and family for a summer packed with smiles and cheers with the help of Yard Games and their lineup of thrilling lawn sports

What’s a social gathering without a little friendly competition? No, we’re not talking about who’s brisket was tastier at last weekend’s cookout—we’re talking about the high stakes game of Ladder Toss. Ideally played in the backyard, at the beach, or any open outdoor space, to win Ladder Toss, you're going to need to bring your best aim, sharpest tosses, and a good attitude. With the extra light we’re getting this time of year, you can best your buds at your new favorite pastime deep into the wee hours of the summer nights—crack open another beer and rack ‘em up.

  • Simple to play—take turns tossing bolas at the ladder with the goal of wrapping them around the differing rungs that are worth varying point totals
  • Quick and easy to pack, store, and assemble
  • Perfect for group gatherings and outdoor events
  • Includes a high-strength nylon carrying case and directions
  • Golf balls
  • Anti-tangling ropes
  • Hardwood
  • Total weight: 10 lbs
  • Assembled height: 40"

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