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Yamato Indigo Dye



Color: Indigo



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Natural blend indigo dye, perfect for beginners and professionals alike

People were dying textiles with indigo over 6,000 years ago, and it's deep blue color was used by ancient peoples in Asia and South America and by the makers of classic blue jeans. This dye honors that tradition with a natural blend powder for dying everything from cotton and silk to wood and leather. There's no heating or fermentation necessary, simply mix it with some water and you're ready to go.

  • Yamato Indigo powder dye perfect for all of your dyeing projects
  • Deep blue color with a long tradition in textiles and art
  • Powder made from indigo plant extract, synthetic indigo, alkaline agent, and reducing agent
  • Ideal for use by beginners, workshop teachers, and professional dyers
  • To use simply mix with water until the powder is dissolved
  • 10 g pack makes 2 to 3 liter vat perfect for dying small textiles