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Ellis Old Fashioned



Color: Black




Create quality craft cocktails without the prep or expensive ingredients

No more muddling, straining, or chopping, WithCo allows you create truly craft cocktails by just adding ice, a dash of your favorite booze, and their carefully blended cocktail mix. Each bottle is a handmade batched cocktail mix using only fresh, flavorful ingredients with no preservatives or additives. No nonsense, just fresh ingredients.

  • Takes the hassle out of creating craft cocktails so you can focus on entertaining your company or relaxing yourself
  • Ideal mix for a well-tasting old fashioned
  • Pairs perfectly with bourbon, whiskey, or even tequila
  • Smooth, comforting, and aromatic taste
  • Each 16 oz bottle makes about 32 cocktails
  • Handmade in Nashville

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