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Cashmere Quarter Zip Mock


Color: Cement



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Sweaters crafted from the most luxurious natural fabric on earth

We'd always thought of cashmere as the kinda thing reserved for guys with last names like Rockefeller. So to even the playing field, we searched far and wide for a purveyor that could hook guys like us up with the legendarily soft fabric without putting our wallets in a chokehold. And that's how Wills was born. In the wild terrain of Mongolia, Zalla Jinst white goats are meticulously hand-combed by nomadic herders like they've traditionally done for 2000 years, yielding the superfine cashmere fibers that make these luxurious sweaters softer than a whisper in a library.

  • The Quarter Zip Mock is made from 100% Mongolian Cashmere for a heavenly soft feel
  • An ideal mid-weight, you can wear this sweater no matter the weather
  • Highly breathable, so you're always the right temp
  • The cashmere has natural odor-blocking qualities that keep away the funk
  • Quarter zip style is ideal for layering and provides additional airflow when needed
  • Ribbed cuffs and waistline allow sweater to stretch and retain shape when pulling on and off
  • Wrinkle-free construction makes packing and storing simple

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