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We Are All Smith

When most guys hear the word ‘jewelry,’ they turn and run the other way. Besides an engagement ring or wedding band, it’s an unspoken rule we follow ‘to the t’. Not for We Are All Smith. From the brand’s home base in Southern California, comes a handmade line of paracord bracelets — each of which boasts its own unique blend of style and substance. Whether you’re after the vibrant colors of the Boyscout, or are looking for a more subtle, earthy texture like the Commander, each piece is made in the USA with the same lightweight, durable cord — the same stuff once used for parachutes.

Ever since WWII, parachute cord — or ‘paracord,’ has a legacy of battle-tested durability. And this technology, combined with easily adjustable brass clasps, is a solid case for why We Are All Smith has established a beachhead in the men’s jewelry sector. All that’s left is for us to claim it. After all, rules are meant to be broken, right?

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