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Way of WILL

“Oil is the substance we use to start and end our days with a clean slate.” - Will Tsang

Hundreds of years ago, the Ancient Greeks would anoint their athletes with oil before a competition to protect them from the elements and to limber their muscles. We’ll wager they were doing something right — when we talk about fitness goals, the ideal is still to look like a Greek god, even today. When Will Tsang, a card-carrying gym rat, discovered the awesome power the smell of familiar foods and places had on his cancer-stricken father, he knew he wanted to see how much weight it could pull in his training routine.

Fast forward a few years and his company, WILL, has a complete line of more than 40 unique formulas to elevate your daily routine in and out of the gym — from pre-workout to relaxing afterward. Created with an aromatherapist to exploit the link between the olfactory system, mind and body to optimal effect, WILL’s targeted blends of all-natural 100% pure essential oils are free of chemicals, lingering scents and anything else that doesn’t absolutely need to be in there. Essential oils — the pure, natural oils extracted from specific plant materials — have long been praised by holistic healers and aromatherapists for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s high time we closed our eyes, inhaled deeply and followed our nose.

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