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Vintage Rolex

Vintage Rolex

Rolex. It’s a name which, in many circles, requires little to no introduction. The name Rolex has captured the imaginations of anyone who’s ever flicked back their wrist to check the time. Built to be worn, but perfected as a symbol, Rolex is widely regarded as the pinnacle of hard work for anyone who’s ever aspired to owning one. It's hard to pin down just exactly what makes Rolex so special. Maybe it's the 100-year history of vertically-integrated Swiss watchmaking with an obsession with quality, innovation, and certified "superlative accuracy." Or maybe it's the Rolex men themselves — the mystique of guys like Sir Edmund Hillary, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and Sean Connery (James Bond anyone?), the latter two of whom immortalized the Submariner — and, to a greater extent, sport watches in the lexicon of cool.

Whatever it is, we couldn't resist the chance to call in a few favors and curate an exclusive selection of gently-worn vintage Rolexes — superlative, iconic watches from the last 30 years that were purpose-built for going to the ends of the earth (anyone remember those awesome “if you were exploring here, you’d wear a Rolex” ads?), but are now ready for a second life of timekeeping and storytelling. Being previously owned, every watch in this collection — from the heroic Submariner No-Date, to the fan-favorite Pepsi GMT Master — comes with its own unique wabi, ensuring no two watches in the collection are exactly alike. However, rest assured they've all been serviced, pressure-tested for water resistance, and include a two-year timekeeping warranty. You’ll also get a certificate of authenticity and documentation of each watch’s officially appraised value. These watches are the real deal, fellas — they make for an exceptional wrist companion for life, and a tidy investment for the future. Remember when a Rolex cost $195? We do.

“Indisputably the most wonderful thing about a Rolex from my own perspective: they are unbelievably accurate, incredibly cool, and supremely lasting.”

  • Ben Clymer, “Rolex: Inside the Manufacture,” Hodinkee
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