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Verve Coffee

Instant Craft Coffee


Flavor: Kathakwa



This is a final sale item

Innovative instant coffee made by one of the best coffee roasters in the world

Over the last 12 years, Verve has lead the movement of giving the word “craft” a new meaning—they’re all about sustainable, quality coffee from seed to street. After a little taste test in the office, we can confirm that their latest Instant Craft Coffee ain’t no Folgers instant mud. It’s prime coffee that’s freeze-dried at sub-zero temperatures in an oxygen-free environment to preserve the rich flavors that you can find at any of their superb cafes around the world. Ready for the world explorer or the weary business traveler, you’re guaranteed a killer cup of joe with the Instant Craft Coffee.

  • Unique flavor profile with strong notes of kiwi, nectarine, and pine
  • Brings incredible, instant coffee wherever you are in the world
  • The same hand-roasted, direct trade quality coffee that tastes wonderful and is sustainably made
  • Freeze-dried at sub-zero temperatures in an oxygen-free environment to preserve all the flavor profiles
  • One-step brewing: simply stir water into the grounds
  • Each sachet contains 30 grams of coffee grounds
  • Includes 6 total sachets of coffee
  • Sourced from the Embu County in Kenya