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Musui-Kamado in Sea Salt


Color: Sea Salt

3.9 qt
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The versatility of cast iron paired up with three-dimensional induction cooking

At the heart of Vermicular lies the 80 year old Hijikata family foundry in Japan—and at the heart of the brand’s Musui-Kamado multi-cooker is a precision-crafted cast iron pot. Designed to do the work of about a dozen appliances—including rice maker, slow cooker, sous vide, and steam roaster—this cast iron induction machine combines three-dimensional induction heat and precision temp control with the time-honored qualities of cast iron. With its precision seal and enamel coating, the durable cast iron pot can even be transferred from the induction base to the oven, offering one more capability to an appliance that’s rich with them.

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  • A precision-controlled induction appliance built around a hand-machined cast iron pot
  • Cast iron made from a proprietary mix of vermicular graphite iron and 13 other metals
  • Body and lid are hand-machined until they fit together with a .01mm accuracy
  • Precision seal allows for “musui” or waterless cooking in which the ingredients provide the moisture content
  • Lid is lighter at the front to gently float to vent steam when pressure builds
  • Cast iron is coated three times with enamel for improved heat distribution and heirloom-quality durability
  • Ergonomic double handles on either side of the pot allow you to hold the lid with both hands
  • Cast iron pot can also be used on any gas, electric, or induction cooktops, as well as in the oven
  • Cast iron pot is oven-safe up to 570°F
  • Induction heat comes from both the bottom and the sides of the induction heating base for three-dimensional heating power
  • Precision temperature control allow for multiple cooking methods including slow cooking and sous vide
  • Has the ability to steam-roast, sear, saute, braise/stew, sous vide cook, proof dough, cook rice, and perform waterless “musui” cooking, and more
  • Auto rice mode ensures perfect rice every time
  • Clean design looks great in any kitchen
  • This item is available for domestic US shipping only
  • Made in Japan
  • Capacity: 3.9 qt
  • Dimensions: 12.2” wide x 8.2” high x 11.7” deep
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs

Here’s some helpful information before you start cooking with your Musui-Kamado cooker:

  • Remove the plastic protective cover from the touch panel on the induction heating base
  • Set the clock by plugging in your Kamado and holding the power icon for 3 seconds then using the up and down arrows to set the time. The clock must be set to use the rice cooking mode
  • The Musui cast iron pot can be used on its own on any gas, electric, or induction cooktops, as well as in the oven
  • Before using it for the first time, it’s helpful to boil water in your Musui to see how steam escapes at different temperature settings on your stove
  • The contact area of the pot and lid is not enamel-coated to achieve a precision seal and must be seasoned by rubbing on a thin coat of cooking oil before the first several uses
  • Always dry the pot immediately after washing
  • Reference page 184 of the included cookbook for a detailed Heating Guide
  • The cookbook also contains basic recommendations for each cooking technique

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