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The specs on Velomacchi gear are so badass, reading ‘em kinda reminded us of a punchline for a Chuck Norris joke. For instance, while most bags are designed to withstand a walk in the park, Velomacchi’s are engineered to withstand a rainstorm at 90mph on the cargo rack of motorcycle — and, here’s the kicker, to survive a tumble at speeds our lawyers wouldn’t let us recommend. Now, you might think this level of protection is just something to brag about and not much else, but it’s all actually derived from Velomacchi’s whole-hearted commitment to human-centered design. That is, designing products around the specific carry needs of the customer. In this case, they started with aggressive motorcyclists and cyclists, and Velomacchi’s founder drew from his 13 years of experience at The North Face and Black Diamond to build out the ultimate gear just for them, down to the very last detail. The epitome of this design sense is the eye-catching 3 Point Pivot Harness on Velomacchi’s backpack, which secures the bag to your chest and lets you assume a more forward riding position without causing shoulder discomfort, like a typical alpine backpack would. And the list goes on from there. Dig into the specifications on these bags, and chances are they’ll solve a problem you always thought needed solving. Oh, and look like they could co-star in an action movie alongside Lee Marvin.

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