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Turning Peel 


Color: Silver



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Pizza cooking essentials from the oven masters at Ooni

The folks at Ooni know what it takes to make good pizza. When you want restaurant-quality pizza right in your backyard, their incredible line of portable and easy-to-use pizza ovens are the way to go. There's a couple things you'll need to get started, including this Turning Peel. With this thing you can spin pizzas like a pro while keeping them in contact with the hot stone, getting you one step closer to the perfectly cooked pizza.

  • A lightweight aluminum pizza peel made for easily spinning and turning pizzas in your Ooni oven
  • Perforations make sliding easier and let excess flour fall away, ensuring a perfectly cooked pizza
  • Thin profile makes it easy to get under the crust
  • Sleek anodised coating provides increased corrosion resistance
  • Super smooth surface guarantees easy turning and sliding

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