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Ooni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven







"The most gorgeous thing we've ever set fire to." - Wired Magazine

It’s a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. You’re by the pool in your backyard. Scratch that — even better: you’re at the lake, friends are cannonballing off of the dock, and you’ve got a crisp Pale Ale in your hand. And now, thanks to the award-winning, portable Ooni Pizza Oven, you’re serving up delicious, piping hot wood-fired pizza to you and your friends.

The Ooni 3 heats to a blazing 932°F for perfectly-cooked, wood-fired pizza in only 60 seconds — just in time to satisfy the craving.

  • Insulated body reaches and maintains the max temperature more efficiently
  • Improved wood pellet burner enables better temperature control and consistent cooking
  • Three legs instead of four for stability on any surface
  • Chimney clip makes it easier than ever to pack up and move

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