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Heritage Lensatic Compass


Color: Brass




Vintage-inspired, precision-made compass

Nowadays we’ve all got a GPS in our pockets, and it’s rare a day goes by without using Google maps to help locate that trailhead or new happy hour spot. Well, we miss the times when all we had was grandpa’s old compass and some spotty wisdom to go off of. Getting lost was a part of the journey, and not getting lost was a satisfying success. So we’re going back in pre-smartphone time with this handsome-as-hell compass that’s the perfect combination of vintage style and modern features.

  • Liquid interior and precision alignment gives you the most accurate reading in the day at night
  • Luminous directional letters for low-light use
  • Adjustable lens allows for dependable sighting
  • Easy-to-read bearing markers
  • Shock-resistant case

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