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Ursa Major

Check out the ingredients on the back of your deodorant — chances are, you’ll see loads of aluminum and a ton of petroleum-based chemicals that may be good for embalming mummies or waterproofing your sneakers, but not for rubbing into your pores every morning. Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle, proud Vermonters and founders of Ursa Major, saw an opportunity to change that by making all natural skincare products to keep your skin performing at its highest level. And when they say “all natural,” they mean straight outta Vermont’s forest, using hops, rosemary, birch sap, kaolin clay and countless other ingredients that read like a yogi’s grocery list.

Although this stuff may sound fancy, it’s not special-occasions-only. Think of it as high-performance, sustainable gear for protecting your skin from the daily elements. Or as a clean diet to boost your skin’s fitness from Chris Farley to Patrick Swayze. New to our store is Ursa’s updated travel kit, the perfect way to dive face-first into a life of everyday healthy skin. Also, be sure to check out the Force Field Daily Defense Lotion with SPF 18, a new cream that’s equal parts sunscreen and holy grail, shielding your face from UV rays while repairing old nicks and scrapes. It’s time to get your skin involved in your wellness routine. With Ursa Major, get the nutrients it needs.

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