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Urban Bloom

Aros Charcoal Pillow



Color: Grey




Precision-crafted memory foam pillows

At Urban Bloom, they believe in making one thing and making it right. Their pillows are the result of exhaustive scientific research and engineering to achieve the top of the line when it comes to precision crafted pillows. Guaranteed to help you sleep better and covered by a 10-year warranty, Urban Bloom stands behind their products and knows their process results in the best damn pillows around.

  • Memory foam core infused with charcoal naturally eliminates odors and impurities in the air
  • Charcoal also helps regulate humidity and temperature, creating a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Minimal contour foam core design with a 5” thickness with consistent pressure distribution
  • Washable, dual-density knit covers are soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking
  • Doppled hexagon pattern on cover creates cooling airflow channels to keep your head cool
  • Equally comfortable for all sleeping positions: side, stomach, and back
  • Single-piece memory foam pillow is smooth and supportive
  • Holds its shape without flattening over time
  • Designed with streamlined, no-frills, and minimalist features
  • Each pillow individually inspected in a rigorous quality control process
  • Covered by Urban Bloom’s 10-year warranty

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