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These days, words like artisanal and handcrafted get tossed around a whole lot. But the way Unmarked makes their shoes, they’re more than deserving of that mantle. They live up to their Unmarked name by harkening back to the golden age of handcrafted manufacturing to make distinct, head-turning shoes with an undoubtedly contemporary style. It all starts with thick, chemical-free and veg-tanned leathers in their ‘50s-era workshop in Leon, Mexico—the nation’s leather capital. Over more than five days, the leather is cut, sewn, shaped, soled, trimmed, and finally cleaned by hand before it’s shipped to the customer who ordered it. What you end up with is a beautiful resoleable leather shoe that perfectly molds to your feet over time. That’s a value tough to find anywhere else for pairs of shoes made so well.

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