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“Great artists steal; they don’t do homages.” - Quentin Tarantino

The artistic vision behind Undone’s Urban Collection leverages the ferocious depth of their founder’s knowledge to steal just the right amount from iconic chronographs throughout history. The brains behind the vision belong to a master customizer who made his bones in the watch industry giving custom upgrades and restorations to luxury watches, adding PVD coatings and custom dials to the best of the best. Once we got our hands on the Undone Urban Collection, it came as no surprise that a master customizer was behind the carefully executed designs that perfectly capture that vintage, mid-century chrono feel.

The foundation of the Urban Chronograph is the Seiko S11 mecha-quartz movement, with an accurate and maintenance-free quartz component that keeps the time; the “mecha” refers to the mechanical chronograph component that gives the pushers a satisfying analog feel. The movements are all encased in a stainless steel case with a perfectly vintage stepped bezel, but that’s where the similarities among these watches ends. Each one features different designs that steal just the right amount from the best source material around but remain all their own through Undone’s impeccable attention to detail. Homage? No. Well-executed chronographs with unique designs that speak to the everyman and the watch snob alike? Definitely.

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