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man wearing black boxers

Unbound Merino

Founded by three friends with a deep love for exploring, Unbound set out to create garments that not only looked good, but stayed just as fresh and comfortable from minute one of a trip all the way to day 14. And that’s where merino wool comes into play. If you aren’t privy to the superhuman abilities of merino, here’s the breakdown: it’s naturally temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, breathable, and antimicrobial, which makes it perfect for any climate. And merino isn’t like other wools, there’s no itch factor at all—it’s just as soft and smooth as your comfiest t-shirt. Unbound knew it was perfect for their garments but wanted to go further by using only premium, Woolmark® certified merino wool from Australia, which ensures their wool is of the highest quality and durability. So if you’re gearing up for a trip, just make sure your checklist includes: wallet, phone charger, and a head-to-toe lineup of Unbound Merino.