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Wine Purifier



Color: Black




A remarkable filtration system that resets your wine’s flavor to the way it was intended

How do you turn a good glass of wine into a great glass of wine? Remove the unnecessary sulfites—they cloud the palate, mask the true flavors of the wine, and can even taint the wine altogether. The Üllo Wine Purifier uses their trademark Selective Sulfite Technology™ to remove the sulfites that inhibit the natural taste of the wine, thus restoring it to the way the winemaker intended it. Simply pour the wine through the purifier, let the filter work its magic, and voilà! A perfect pour, everytime.

  • Üllo’s Selective Sulfite Technology™ removes unnecessary sulfites from the wine and enhances the flavor to its natural state
  • Includes a travel bag and display base to house the purifier when not in use
  • Includes four single bottle filters
  • Built-in aeration system allows the wine to breathe properly and enhance the taste
  • Remarkably easy, hassle-free system
  • Quick and efficient to use
  • Fits directly over a glass or decanter
  • Includes instructions and a recommendation guide

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