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Turkish beach towels have a knack for being your best friend in the types of places where regular towels can’t quite hang — like in the back of a surf van, the bottom of a carry-on bag, and draped over the top of a tent. Their long-staple Turkish cotton, known amongst textile nerds as some of the strongest in the world, absorbs water so fast it’s a bit surprising. Then it sheds the water just as quickly — dry and ready to fold in no time. Their woven patterns and tasseled edges harkening back to their 18th century heritage make ‘em look so cool around the house, it’s almost a shame how nicely they fold up and stash away.

What’s better than a Turkish towel? A Turkish towel hand-loomed in Turkey from 100%Turkish cotton. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in our collection. These durable works of magic get softer with every wash and are up for each adventure on your bucket list. From sunny beach days on sandy shores to shady picnics on the trail, your trusty Turkish towel is up for the task.

But what really makes Turkish towels the king of the pack is their incredible absorbency. Made with a tight weave, these towels absorb water quickly and efficiently. And because they’re so quick to dry, you won’t need to worry about them smelling like you left them in grandma’s attic for a month.

So when the occasion calls for a lightweight, tough, quick-drying towel that folds up into a little cotton burrito, look no further than the famous Turkish towel in your choice of bold or muted patterns and colors.

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