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It's no secret, we’ve always been big fans of Tsovet Watches — they look great (think vintage aircraft dials and navigation tools from cold war-era machinery), and wear amazingly well, thanks to a combination of smart sizing and solid proportioning. But Tsovet doesn't stop at just the design. The execution of each watch is a cut above what you'd expect to find at this price point – starting with corrosion-resistant, surgical grade 316L stainless steel cases, and genuine Swiss-made quartz movements. Then beneath each crystal, there are more minute details like laser-etched wordmarks in the dial, luminous hands for low-light legibility and a whole lot more – all details you can fully expect to find in some of the major players in the Swiss watch industry, making Tsovet a serious contender when it comes to competing for not only our design sensibilities, but our wallets as well. Oh, and it's pronounced "So-vett." Don't worry, we had to ask too.

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