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If you’re like us and you’ve made at least one faltering attempt to get shredded in the last 10 years, chances are you’ve heard of TRX. If you’ve tried it: congrats on those sick traps. If not, get ready to buy some smaller jeans, this one could change your fitness regimen forever. Back in 1997, Randy Hetrick, a guy a little like us — except, you know, a badass navy SEAL squad commander — invented the first version of the TRX Suspension Trainer to stay in shape while he was deployed. Like many great inventors, he pulled it together with materials that were just lying around: a jiu-jitsu belt and some parachute webbing. Nine years later the first TRX system sold stateside, and the rest is history.

The TRX Training Center is located right here in San Francisco, so the HB team took a little visit for a class — and damn did we sweat. We’ve got soccer players, rock climbers and all-around athletes in our number, but none of us were ready for how hard a simple 45 minute session with the TRX bands or their Rip Trainer could hit. Instant converts. Compared to a gym membership or even a home gym setup (don’t get us started), you can hardly feel the money you’ll spend on these tools — but your abs will. Boy, will they ever.

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