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Trance Metals

Trance Sphere - 1-Pound Copper


Color: Copper




A perfect sphere that represents handcrafted precision and elegant simplicity

Trance Metals makes some of the coolest, most remarkable tabletop ornaments available to the modern desk dweller. The Trance Sphere is their latest: a perfectly manufactured, surprisingly dense sphere that’s a wonder to hold and behold.

  • Copper is oligodynamic, meaning it kills germs on contact
  • Made from a solid piece of copper that’s CNC-machined to be a perfect sphere with no more than +/- 0.01 mm allowance
  • Perfect mirror polish with an aeronautical-grade production and QA process
  • Vacuum-sealed to preserve perfect surface during transport
  • 99.9% pure, guaranteed
  • Takes on its own hue over time, and can be reset to brilliancy using baking soda and water
  • Presented in a custom-designed box that includes a stand, a polishing cloth and a glove for handling

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