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When Thousand’s theft-proof bike helmet first sold out at record speed, we knew we had something special on our hands (and heads). So this time around, we’re teaming up on an exclusive launch we knew our readers would appreciate — a badass black-on-black colorway of their helmets and gloves. Call ‘em stealthy. Call ‘em minimalist. We know we just like the look. And as of right now, we’re the only place you can get ‘em.

What got us interested in Thousand in the first place was our morning bike commute. Biking can be an ideal way of getting from Point A to Point B in the city, and as grown adults, we all know that we should be wearing helmets when we do it. There’s only one problem: unless we’re suited up and mashing hills like Lance Armstrong, the typical helmet can make us look a little like a monkey in the space program, circa 1979. Thanks to California’s Thousand and their style-forward lids, we can finally put this dilemma behind us — along with the possibility of grievous head injury.

The way these understated beauties look and feel has more in common with high-quality apparel (or, say, heritage luggage) than aggressive cycling gear. And they don’t just look damn respectable, they’re safe, comfortable, and theft-proof. Even if somehow your helmet does manage to get stolen, Thousand will replace it at no charge. So throwing one on, magnetically buckling its leather strap, and heading out to work feels as natural as throwing on a jacket before you head out the door.

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