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This Is Ground

Before we discovered the life-hacking EDC essentials by This Is Ground, an average weekday morning had us awkwardly juggling the usual phone-wallet-keys-watch-pen-notebook-charger for a day in the office — and all that’s before we’d even gone on a coffee run. These days, we’re not carrying less, we’re just carrying it smarter with TIG’s impressively designed organizers.

A perfect example of TIG’s commitment to intuitive, functional design is their freshly released Mod 3. Fully loaded out of the box and ridiculously organized. If there's anything in your EDC that doesn't have a neatly purpose-built slot, you probably don't need it. For similarly ingenious organization low-profile enough to fit in your back pocket, be sure to check out the Leatherback Writer, with room for your wallet, phone, and notebook. Since we started using these badboys we haven’t turned back. So quit that morning pocket juggle and keep your EDC handy and organized for whenever you need it.

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