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The Lost Frontiers

Lost - Volume 1



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This is a final sale item

The inaugural issue of a new print publication, dedicated to story and travel.

The Lost Frontiers is a publication made up of various contributors dedicated to sharing adventures, photography and a love for keeping it wild. With recent success on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter and due to demand, they're opening Issue I up for pre-orders.

What makes Lost Frontiers different from other print journals is that it's 100% contributor based, this means our stories are all authentic moments of someone's life. We come up with a theme for each volume and the stories build up around it. In its inaugural Issue, you'll find four stories from four different world travelers, and their reasons and passion for exploration.

  • Isle of Skye - Jack Reuben
  • White Sands - Rebecca Lader
  • Oregon & the PNW - Rachel Claire
  • Wales - Chris Buxton