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The HiFi Case

The HiFi Case

"I'm sorry if you can't understand, but I need a radio inside my hand"

  • I Can’t Live Without My Radio, LL Cool J

    Bass. How low can you go? Not too low at all, if you’re at home listening on your computer speakers. We like to imagine Chicago’s Garret Galayda was asking himself the same question when he grabbed an old hardshell suitcase, some speakers and a screwdriver to bring the first HiFi Case to life. From his shop in the back of a local brewery in Andersonville (since relocated to Logan Square), Galayda and his crew of audiophiles have been combining rare suitcases with even more rare speakers to create window-rattling, one-of-a-kind, all-amenities boomboxes since 2013.

    Don’t let the vintage looks fool you: these blasters are better equipped than Han Solo—15 hour batteries, bluetooth wireless connects and stereo inputs abound. So go ahead, add some stylish boom to your living room, pick it up and rock the kitchen, and if you really want to roll old school, bring it on the bus and find out who’s really down. The number 1 Urban Dictionary entry for the boombox calls it “A magical box with the ability to change the world, make people rejoice, and cause old people to shake their fists in protest.” You’ll just call it ill.

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