The Field Cast Iron Skillet

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Lighter, smoother cast iron that’s great for any kind of cooking

The Field Company’s cast iron is specially designed to take recycled and new iron and cast them into lightweight, super smooth cookware that outperforms the rest. It’s light enough for everyday use and the uniquely smooth cooking surface can handle even the most delicate foods with ease (we’re lookin’ at you, eggs).

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  • Oven- and fire pit-friendly
  • Smooth cooking surface cooks even delicate foods with ease
  • 25-50% lighter than other cast iron at only 4½ lb
  • Works on all cooktops, including gas range, induction and electric
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to cook with
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made in USA


  • Cast iron


  • 10¼” top diameter
  • 8¾” cooking surface diameter
  • 2” height

More Info on the Field Skillet

Your pan is counting on you

This is the beginning of a partnership between you and a tool. The Field Skillet comes pre-seasoned with two coats of grapeseed oil. This gets you off to a good start, but building an even, durable, dark, bullet-proof, non-stick seasoning is only achieved through time and use.

Before you use the pan

Gently scrub with water and a small amount of dish soap. This is the only time we recommend using soap. Wipe dry, heat on stove at low-medium heat to evaporate moisture, and coat pan inside and out with a very thin coat of the cooking oil of your choice.

Breaking in Your Field Skillet

  • Be generous with cooking oil (3-4 tablespoons)
  • Try to stick to Low to Medium heat as you build up your seasoning
  • Preheat your pan for 5 minutes before cooking for even heat distribution
  • Avoid acidic foods which strip off seasoning (tomatoes, wine, citrus, vinegar)
  • Long simmers with salty liquids strip seasoning
  • Build up your seasoning by sauteing onions, baking cornbread, roasting vegetables, or just about any frying
  • Contrary to popular belief, most proteins (including bacon) may stick a bit in the early stages before your seasoning builds up. See point #1
  • Do not worry about aesthetics — time and use will give your pan the patina you’re after. Patience will get you there.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Gently scrape and smooth surface with spatula or a plastic scraper
  • If possible, avoid using water
  • Wipe out excess oil and food residue with a paper towel or cloth
  • If you use water, always dry the pan immediately with a towel and then heat on stovetop to evaporate the water
  • Cast iron is not dishwasher safe
  • Always leave your pan with a very thin coat of cooking oil or fat on the inside and outside. A bone dry pan is an unhappy pan

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