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Made in the USA

Medium Dome Smoking Kit in Oak/Glass


Color: Oak/Glass

One Size
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A cocktail smoking kit—the final frontier for at-home mixologists

This isn't for just any casual cocktail drinker, you've put work in to get here. You know your bourbon from rye, you probably make your own simple syrups, and you've definitely been to plenty of bars and thought, "This isn't as good as the way I do it." Every enthusiast knows you can never run out of ways to experiment with flavor, and that's why The Crafty Cocktail came out with this smoking kit for people just like you. Easily incorporate smoky, aromatic flavors into your home recipes and show off at your next get-together—it wouldn't be mixology without a little bit of flair.

  • Everything you need to start using smoke in your cocktail recipes
  • Oak smoking platform looks great on the counter and has a cutout for the glass dome
  • Glass smoking dome keeps all the smoke inside and lets you watch the mesmerizing process
  • One Old Fashioned glass to add to your collection
  • Luxury butane torch, butane not included
  • 3oz pack of oak whiskey barrel smoking chips
  • Instructional card for helpful tips on how best to use your kit
  • Makes a great gift for any cocktail lover
  • Remove the glass dome from the oak base
  • Place your cocktail on the base along with some of the wood chips
  • Light the chips with the butane torch (fill with butane before use)
  • Cover everything with the glass dome
  • Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the smoky flavors to infuse into the cocktail
  • Remove the dome and enjoy

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