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THAT! Inventions

Hand Warming Butter Knife



Color: Black




A sleek black knife to effortlessly spread even the hardest butter

When you pull a perfectly browned slice of sourdough from the toaster, the last thing you want is to tear holes in it with rock hard butter. That’s exactly the problem the engineers over at THAT! Inventions have solved with their kitchen gadgetry genius. To improve on this most essential of culinary tasks, Spread THAT! takes a two-step approach. First the serrated edge lets you scrape thin curls of butter for your toast. Then the superconducting core moves the heat from your hand to the butter, melting and spreading it so it goes on smooth as, well, butter. And with its embossed wood grain and sleek black finish, it’ll be the coolest looking thing in your utensil drawer.

  • Perfectly spreads any condiment—butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, and jam—thanks to the self-heating design
  • Superconducting copper alloy heat tubes distributes your body heat to the end of the knife
  • Ideal for frozen foods too, from ice cream cake to frozen bagels
  • Serrated edge shaves thin curls from hard butter for easy spreading
  • Glossy black finish with an embossed wood grain texture
  • Dishwasher safe

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