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THAT! Inventions

Deluxe Meat Thawing Board


Color: Copper




Pushing the limits of efficiency in the kitchen one tool at a time, THAT! Inventions is helping folks cook meat better, faster

Get the cookout going faster than ever with the Deluxe Meat thawing Board—no wires, batteries, or plugs required, this thawing board gets your meats from frozen-to-the-bone to grill-ready in a matter of 10 minutes. A true feat of technological advancement, the folks at THAT! Invention use an internal thermal liquid reservoir to generate energy that draws away the cold from the thawing surface and replaces it with a warm platform for your meats to sit and prepare for the grill, stove, or oven. While the microwave or hot water zap important flavors and nutrients from your food, this sleek and modern invention is environmentally conscious and makes your meal taste great in a flash.

  • Thaws meats and foods with an internal thermal liquid that removes the cold from the food and replaces it with heat
  • Insanely quick thaw time on average of 10 minutes per piece of meat
  • The top layer is a highly thermal conductive alloy tray that sits at a slight angle to direct the thawed liquid away from the food
  • Thawed liquid flows to the built-in drip tray
  • No wires, batteries, or plugs required, just unpackage it and you’re ready to thaw
  • Keeps all the flavors and freshness that your food deserves with a natural thawing process instead of microwaving or hot water

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