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When a Grand Canyon river guide created the first pair of Tevas by rigging two velcro watch straps to his flip flops in ‘84 to keep them secure on his feet, he had no idea that he was spawning an icon of the outdoors. And yet three decades later, Teva has become synonymous with adventure. Their lineup has grown from that first MacGyvered pair to an iconic range of sandals, outdoor shoes, and slippers known for their cushiony comfort and ability to tackle any terrain, even trips into the water. And cannonballing into a lake after a long hike isn’t the only type of thing Teva takes the lead on—they’re also proudly and proactively sustainable, transforming over 344,000 lbs. of plastic waste into nylon webbing. So whether you’re gearing up for the outdoors or looking for a comfy and durable pair of shoes for adventures closer to home, Teva’s lineup is a responsible choice, refined over decades of getting out there.

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