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Oklahoma Whiskey Set



Color: Slate




Upscale, hand-blown glassware made with small-town North Carolina love

Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, the folks at Terrane are hand-blowing some of the finest glassware in the country. Made in small batches and uniquely one-of-a-kind, each piece of Terrane glassware looks exquisite on your shelf and allows you to craft cocktails worthy of a five-star restaurant right in the comfort of your own home. Hell, they’re handsome enough to make a $15 bottle of bourbon look like Pappy Van Winkle—well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but they’re certainly an upgrade.

  • The set includes the Oklahoma Whiskey Decanter and two Oklahoma Rocks Glasses
  • The perfect accent set to any bar cart or liquor shelf and an excellent way to display and enjoy your whiskey at home
  • Uniquely shaped designs fit comfortably in your hand and allows an easier grip
  • Each piece is one-of-kind and hand-blown by veteran glassblowers
  • The decanter holds a standard bottle of whiskey with a 28 oz capacity
  • Each glass comfortably holds 10 ounces after ice is added
  • Air-tight decanter topper locks in the rich flavors of the whiskey and slows the oxidation process
  • Made in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

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