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Color: Black Shell with Green Canopy




Transform your adventure mobile into a campground on wheels

Tepui’s devotion to connecting people with the great outdoors comes in the form of their revolutionary car camping concept: a dual purpose tent and storage system, fixed on the top of your roof, that opens into a full-fledged shelter for a night of camping or provides ample room to store all your camping essentials. With a few pulls of Tepui’s patent zipper system, the Hybox transforms from a rooftop gear container with a whopping 23 cubic feet of storage space, to a roomy, hard-shelled camping canopy that conveniently pops up at the end of a long day outdoors. Hit the open road, pull off anywhere, find a picturesque background that you’d love to wake up to, and climb up into the Hybox for an epic night of car camping.

Due to shipping regulations this item is unavailable for international delivery.

  • The universal mounting system allows you to mount the Hybox to the rack or aftermarket bars on your vehicle
  • Tepui’s patented ZipperGimp zipper system allows for a seamless transition between storage container and canopy and also locks down the Hybox when on the move
  • The gear container offers 23 cubic feet of storage space—this is considered much roomier than most rooftop storage options
  • The unique, aerodynamic shell design provides a fuel efficient and quiet ride
  • The interior upper is lined with a reinforced quilted insulation for sound damping and cold weather insulation
  • Telescoping aluminum ladder on the side allows for easy and convenient access to the storage container or canopy
  • Hardshell exterior protects either gear or persons from inclement weather, wildlife, and intruders
  • The doors to the canopies, when used with the provided window spring rods, act as an awning to provide shelter when entering and exiting the tent
  • A 3” thick, 40 lb foam mattress—with removable cotton cover—provide an excellent sleeping pad to ensure comfort during a well-earned night’s rest

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