SAN TSUBAME 8" Chef's Knife

in Wood Handle/ Hand Hammered


Say hello to your new premium, hand-hammered steel kitchen knife

Tamahagane translates to English as “precious steel,” and as soon as you get your hands around the beautiful polished wood handle of one of these premium pieces of kitchen cutlery you’ll see they deserve the name. Three-ply stainless steel gives the full-tang blade a superior construction: two outside layers are fully stainless and protect the inner layer of VG No. 5 steel which is very hard and takes a great edge. The Chef Knife is your ultimate workhorse in the kitchen, used for slicing, chopping, separating and everything in between.


  • VG No. 5 cutting edge has superior edge retention
  • Mirror-polished beveled cutting edge
  • Perfect balance between sharpness and strength
  • Hand-hammered and sandblasted blade for a rich appearance
  • Balanced with a stainless steel weight at the heel of the handle
  • Laminated wood handles


  • Inner Steel Layer: VG No. 5 Stainless Steel
  • Outer Steel Layers: SUS410 Stainless Steel
  • Handles: Birchwood

About the Steel

  • V-G No. 5 stainless steel can be hardened as hard as any of the other V-G steels but has superior edge retention. Using scientific testing equipment (CATRA), Kataoka was able to show that their knives remained sharper longer than knives made from other VG steels.
  • One of the most widely used stainless steels, SUS410 is commonly used in bolts, nuts, screws, bushings and many other applications. It contains enough chromium to be corrosion resistant and still be hardened to great strength. This functional grade of steel has many applications and its strength and corrosion resistance makes it the perfect outer layer for cutlery.


  • Blade: 8”

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