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gozney pizza oven

Kitchen Connoisseur

"Anyone who's a chef, who loves food, ultimately knows that all that matters is: 'Is it good? Does it give pleasure?'" — Anthony Bourdain

The Kitchen Connoisseur is constantly trying to please others with meticulously planned meals and drool-worthy flavor combinations. So why not say ‘thank you’ with a gift to help perpetuate this delicious habit? It’s sort of a win-win scenario: you give them a thoughtful gift that encourages their love of cooking, and in turn, they cook you something with said gift. Bullet-proof logic, really. Whether they’ve been lusting after a Japanese-made cast iron skillet or you want to add to their impressive hot sauce collection, you’ll find exactly what you need to keep the Kitchen Connoisseur happy.

Pour Over


Pour Over$25.98 $32.00