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Chronograph Watches

Chocolate, cheese, the alps–there’s a lot we tip our hats to the Swiss for, but above all, we’re forever grateful for the chronograph watch.

Watchmaking already seems like an ethereal craft that only a few people in the world truly understand and master, but leave it to a couple 19th century Swiss artisans to add another layer of complexity and sophistication. The chronograph watch is no ordinary watch, it’s a timepiece with smaller sub-dials added in to see all of the seconds, minutes, and even hours tick by with precision. Even if you’re not a watch enthusiast, your eyes are immediately drawn to its distinct and stylish look. There’s a reason why this extra functionality attracts a certain type of person, it adds an element of exactness for those in sports, aviation, and those with excellent taste.

There aren’t a whole lot of products available to the general public that are space-tested by NASA astronauts. Read it again, because it’s 100% true. Chronograph watches were made famous by NASA astronauts during the Apollo moon missions. As precise as a scientific tool, these elegant pieces of wristwear were trusted when timing was crucial. We don’t expect you to count out a space shuttle docking, but you can certainly make use of the convenient stopwatch function for everyday purposes. These watches are versatile in function and in fashion too. Formal or informal–they elevate anything you wear. So if you're out for a Sunday stroll, going out for a night on the town, or yearning for some leisurely travel throughout the cosmos, you might want to consider adding a chronograph watch to your wrist.

Take the Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronograph - SSC911 from Seiko, because it’s a must-have for those seeking a modern spin on a classic watch. Based on the world’s first automatic chronograph, this low-maintenance timepiece has a power-reserve of 6 months and recharges whenever you're out in the sunlight in your day-to-day life. Don’t be afraid to dress this up with its stainless-steel design, but rest assured that you can still easily get away with it in jeans and a t-shirt. Straight from the motherland is the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono 40mm Watch, and it’s the perfect complement to smart-casual attire. Made in Switzerland by Hamilton, the leather strap gives that vintage aesthetic and feel but with all of the Swiss ingenuity hidden inside.

Do yourself a favor and stop the chronograph watch hunt—we’ve got the best of the best right here. Browse our collection of chronograph watches so you can start counting down to the next best thing.

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