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It’s hard to capture the complete magic of a BBQ when the weather’s just right—sun’s out, pool’s inviting you in, the gardening is going great, and the dogs are living their best lives zoomin’ around the yard. Ah, we can picture it now. It’s a place where summer traditions are born, new marinades and rubs are shown off, and unrelentingly competitive games of cornhole are played. A marathon of eating and endless socializing, the summer BBQ is a sacred backyard event, and the goal is always to keep the fun alive for as long as possible. Finding new games and gear to bring to the cookout is a surefire way to continue elevating the experience for all of your fam’ and best buds to enjoy.

The ambience of your backyard is the key to a good grill sesh. Sippin’ on an icy cold brew and dining al fresco are a vibe all on their own, but the simplest of things can take it from a nice time to unforgettable memories. Don’t let your cookout end at dusk, leave with an unmistakable smoky scent after cozying up to a fire pit with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers deep into the night. Keep it light-hearted with a good variety of yard games. We all have that one uncle who is a master at bocce, but keep him on his toes and switch it up with ring toss or a giant connect four. Create a comfy enclave with outdoor seating, lighting, and all-things summer, so when people show up, they don’t want to leave when it ends.

Let’s start with the basics. Good food is the heart of a BBQ, and we want most of it in our mouths. If you’re getting a little experimental with a new recipe or just a regular ol’ grill master, check out the Waxed Apron from Flint and Tinder. We’ve literally got you covered. Grilling can be messy, and the waxed Sailcloth keeps your shirt untouched from greasy flingings. Take pride in your chefdom attire, as each use slowly turns your cooking canvas into a beautiful patina. Protecting your grillware is equally important. An accessory as basic as the KUDU Grill Cover will preserve your grill from the elements with heavy-duty and water-resistant canvas. Close off the grill bottom with a drawstring closure, so when it’s all said and done, you can replicate that mesquite flavor again and again and again.

We know that a BBQ looks different for everyone, which is why we have a wide selection of backyard gear to personalize it to your liking. Start with the essentials and keep adding ‘til you’ve found your own flavor of a good time. No need to wait for the perfect set up–just fire up the grill, crack open a beer, and soak up the sun.

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