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Camping Gear

All of the survival knowledge and skills in the world can’t replace the confidence and convenience that good camping gear provides. So don’t add unnecessary stress to your excursions in the great outdoors and stock up the good stuff. Being surrounded by the smell of pine, lively streams of water, and open night skies is the portal to a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. And for the average Joe, the right camping gear should make any terrain or adventure more accessible. Counting sheep on the ground in the middle of the woods may be a stark contrast to your memory foam mattress at home, but that’s part of the fun–so go on, embrace the oldest pastime known to man and immerse yourself in nature.

Your camping style is a bit of a “choose your own adventure” activity when it comes down to it, but there will always be an underlying necessity for durability and practicality in all of your supplies. There’s a reason why you make sure the basics are done right when it’s you against the elements: you don’t mess around with Mother Nature. Pitch a sturdy tent for shelter against weather conditions that can change on a dime and for a barrier between you and any unwanted insect friends. Keep a firestarter in your back pocket and some good old-fashioned steel cookware on hand to prepare your meals over your nightly campfire. Find simplicity in your camping setup and the good times will follow.

A source of food, water, and shelter are the name of the game to jumpstart any expedition and your camping equipment should reflect this. First things first, unless you’re going to bring all packaged food, there’s many a fires to be made. Start scrounging around for kindling and assemble that perfect teepee-style for a long-lasting fire with the Flame Frame Vertical Bonfire Builder from Kabin. You can’t know everything, so let the cast steel guide your tower of lumber with less wood and a roaring flame every time. After enjoying your meal in the flickering glow, rehydrate from the nearest body of fresh water with Lifestraw’s Ultralight Personal Water Filter. Whether it's attached to your water bottle or gravity hose, you can now actually drink water directly from its natural source. Finish each night off strong with a great night’s sleep in The Unbound 2Person Tent by Hyperlight Mountain Gear. It’s the ideal size for 2 people, but its lightweight material makes it a joy to carry at only 1.5 pounds. No one said camping could be this easy, but with the right outdoor gear, it kind of is.

Just like camping, finding the right gear can be intense—until now. Let us take the weight off your shoulders, because we’ve got plenty more to fill your backpack with. For the novice and advanced camper alike, find your camping essentials and hit the trails.

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