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Messenger & Tote Bags

Messenger bags, totes, briefcases—there are many bag options to keep your hands free on a commute. These popular, smart solutions come with a history of ingenuity. First, you have the Romans using a satchel to carry money and important city documents, then we get into modern silhouettes during the 20th century, bringing us the messenger bag, briefcase, and later, the tote. All variations were born out of necessity, whether it was to carry blocks of ice from the car to the freezer (a real thing happening in the 1940s) or carry mail that postal workers would deliver.

We know you have equally important possessions keeping you prepared for the day—and piling them onto your arms is never an ideal scenario . A shoulder bag takes you from the boardroom to the train to the cabin, all with ease, all with compartmentalized structure, and all with unmatched organization. When you’re constantly on the go, your hands need to remain free.

That’s why our team scoured the internet to find messengers, totes, and briefcases to fit any style and preference. Case in point the Filson Dryden Ballistic Nylon Briefcase is a classic, rugged bag that is blurring the lines between “messenger bag” and “briefcase”—perfect for the subway commuter. The two large zippered pockets on the outside make it extremely easy to quickly grab the small essentials (phone, keys, sunglasses) while also securing them when you’re snuggly sardined on the train. For something more casual, we love the Craighill Arris Tote—a go-anywhere bag that is lightweight and waterproof and ready to store a day’s worth of gear. It’s practical, and with a no-fuss design, the versatility is endless.

Take a gander at our options and never rely solely on your jean pockets again. Shop today.

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