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Everyday Carry

They’re not random. You don’t just toss them in your pocket. Oh no, your Everyday Carry (EDC) items are the deliberate result of concentrated streamlining and maximization of portability and preparedness. And so we used that same intentional care to curate our EDC shop, offering you only the most indispensable wallets, watches, tools and bags. Just as your carry is a reflection of your personal approach to preparedness, our EDC shop is a reflection of our emphasis on useful, quality products that are reliable in every situation. We’ve got wallets, watches, pens, knives, and a handful of other pocket-sized equipment that you can use everyday. It’s enough to get you through your routine and a zombie apocalypse. Prepare with the best, because when you use it, you don’t want second rate.


    Jacob Bromwell

    Freedom$185.00 $700.00
    iPhone 13 MagSafe Modern Leather Case


    iPhone 13 MagSafe Modern Leather Case$60.00
    iPhone 13 MagSafe Sport Case


    iPhone 13 MagSafe Sport Case$40.00
    Closca Helmet


    Closca Helmet$140.00
    Utsjo - Elk/Fleece - Exclusive


    Utsjo - Elk/Fleece - Exclusive$165.00