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Men's Active Pants & Joggers

Functionality doesn’t have to compromise your impeccable sense of style, which is why a double-duty pair of men’s joggers is the perfect symbiosis of active and leisure clothing. After taking a few notes from early 20th century track and field athletes, the men’s joggers of today are still very much inspired by movement. The 400M dash may not be an everyday event for most of us, but traveling, exercising, and constantly being “on the go” certainly is. We no longer swap pants between every activity—why should we when joggers allow you to move seamlessly in the modern world?

At the core of every sports clothing is a goal to increase performance, and a trusty pair of joggers is no different. The tapered leg can drastically improve the quality of your runs by preventing any fabric dragging and catching the ground beneath you. It also keeps you from swiffering the airport floor with your pant leg, keeping them in tip-top shape. Truly a win-win in our book. Even though the cut of a jogger is universally flattering, the comfort is unmatched as well. Combining the best elements of durable and lightweight materials, each brand and type of jogger is refined to a specific purpose. One thing remains a constant—they’re undeniably reliable.

Don’t take our word for it, go ahead and look for yourself. If you’re wanting the quintessential athletic jogger, look no further than the Trek Joggers from Proof. Restrictrictive clothing is the bane of anyone’s existence when working out. Control the resistance in your exercise with the stretchiness of spandex and the sturdiness of the polyester. Though when things get rough, you may need a little more ruggedness and adventure in your active pants. Good thing Proof has already thought of it. You can also ditch your backpack, because their Meridian Cargo Jogger has pockets-galore to secure your hiking gear. Cut from durable Primeflex warp knit fabric, these pants will make any terrain easier to navigate.

The future of the jogger is bright. The great thing about them is no matter what we do in them, they can adapt to your lifestyle. Dress ‘em up, dress ‘em down, or take them exactly for what they are. Shop our diverse collection of men’s active pants and joggers to find the right ones that help you to just keep livin’.

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