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Made in the USA
Swoon Living Ultimate S'mores Kit
Swoon Living Ultimate S'mores Kit
Swoon Living Ultimate S'mores Kit
Swoon Living Ultimate S'mores Kit
Made in the USA

Ultimate S'mores Kit in Wood/Stone


Color: Wood/Stone

One Size
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The one-stop s’mores shop for indoor campfire treats

While the “charred to black” or “crispy golden brown” toasting methods might leave a house divided, we can all agree that s’mores are simply delicious and a wonderful treat that deserves as much attention indoors as it receives in the great outdoors. The Ultimate S’mores Kit offers a simple, stylish home s’mores station that lets you enjoy the flavors of this treat anytime the craving hits. It’s outfitted with a polished wood base, metal marshmallow roasters, and a stone basin that houses a compact fire—just add chocolate, graham crackers, and a mountain of marshmallows for a complete s’mores experience.

This item is available for domestic US shipping only.

  • Includes a handmade wood board (cut to perfectly fit the pit), stone fire pit, metal skewers, glass skewer holder, and a snuffer to safely put out the flame
  • Newly updated design features an improved fire pit
  • Compact design is easy to use indoors and packs away easily without taking up much room
  • Designated slots are cut from the wood for the individual pieces to fit like a charm
  • Flame created with isopropyl alcohol or 151 proof vodka for a 50 minute burn time
  • Safe, simple, and easy to use
  • Made in Chicago
  • Please note, due to shipping regulations, the set does not ship with fuel
  • Base: Polished wood
  • Fire Pit: Stone
  • Skewer Holder: Glass
  • Skewers: Metal
  • Snuffer: Wood
  • The included firepit is not to be used with any other fuels, such as bio ethanol
  • Isopropyl alcohol has a full-combustion when burned, and soot is only created when there is a lack of oxygen.
  • If you have an air-exchanger in your home or in any way, a "tight" home, assure a window is open
  • Always double-check that the word, "isopropyl" is on the bottle. "Rubbing alcohol" can actually be different from "isopropyl rubbing alcohol" in that it can contain camphor oil or other oils, which can leave undesirable soot

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