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In a space filled with fitness trackers and apps, Suunto is a signal — one that's been emitting since 1936, when the Finnish company invented the first liquid-filled field compass. Today, their GPS-enabled watches for athletes do everything from monitoring changes in the weather, to tracking your movements while running, hiking, biking, and swimming. Suunto has a watch for every type of activity and athlete, but we're eyeing the rugged Ambit2 S as it's geared towards triathletes (Summer '14, baby) and comes with thoughtful features like AutoPause, which can automatically pause workouts when you stop at, say, a traffic light on a run after work. Sure, Suunto has won more awards than a Norwegian Olympic athlete, but what really gets us going about these watches is that by investing in a Suunto, you're really investing in yourself. We're super excited to bring the very best of Suunto's outdoors collection to your wrist, at an amazing price.

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