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Since we aren’t Jack Kerouac or Keanu Reeves, we can only fantasize about loading up a vintage Triumph, firing up the roaring engine, and leaving a cloud of dust and street full of turned heads in our track—again, this visual is just a fantasy . For a more realistic approach that attains a similar enough feel, you can rely on Super73: the only electric motorbike that offers efficient commuting power with a touch of vintage style. Piling in the car for hours of traffic or cramming into a claustrophobic chamber of a public transit system sounds enticing, sure, but honestly, we prefer Super73’s S1 and its comfortable leather seat and hand-welded stainless steel frame to get us around town.

The sleek, high-powered battery of the S1 smoothly accelerates up to 20 mph and completely takes the hassle out of bike commuting—plus with a 40 mile battery life, you can feel confident about making a few stops on your way home. Inspired by the WWI despatch motorcycles of the early 20th century, the S1 is built to withstand pothole-ridden city streets and dusty dirt roads all the same.

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