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Stone River Gear

Perfectly balanced and razor-sharp, Stone River Gear knives feature zirconium oxide ceramic blades with an innovative design which allows them to hold an edge for 10 to 12 times longer than conventional steel. Registering at 92c on the Rockwell scale, the only thing harder than these blades is an actual diamond. From spring-assisted tactical folding knives to some of the most badass stainless steel cutlery we’ve ever wielded, Stone River Gear is crafting knives built for the long haul. The Neck Knife is the ideal back-up survival knife with a 550 paracord wrapped handle for emergency cordage and a Kydex sheath to be hung around your neck for quick access. In the ten years since its founding, Stone River has become the leading supplier for groups like the North American Hunting Club and Ducks Unlimited, the kind of guys that know the importance of having a trusty and reliable blade at your side. When you’re out in the wild, you’re only as good as your knife, and Stone River Gear is built for life on the trail.

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